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10 years ago, when the first medications against erectile dysfunction just appeared, the treatment of this disease was not successful. Certainly, the first medications for treatment of erectile dysfunction were breakthrough in medicine because before methods to win erectile dysfunction had been ineffective, expensive and hard to use.
But everything is changed when modern drugs for treatment of erectile dysfunctions appeared. Thanks to long-term studying of erectile dysfunction, a medication characterizing by strong pharmacological properties for treatment of erectile dysfunction, Vardenafil was designed.
Vardenafil is one of the best medications for treatment of erectile dysfunctions. In 2003 it has been approved by FDA for sales in the USA. A brand name of Vardenafil is Brand Levitra, known as the most fast acting drug for erection treatment.
Brand Levitra is manufactured by the pharmaceutical company Bayer Pharmaceuticals and for today it is one of the most demanded medications in the world.

Brand Levitra action: Brand Levitra is related to phosphodiesterase-5 drugs improving erection by increase the blood inflow to male genitals. The main active component of Brand Levitra is Vardenafil. After absorption by an organism it relaxes the penile smooth muscles and increases the blood inflow to the penis. The naturally increased blood inflow to genitals causes strong and long erection for sexual activity.
Using Brand Levitra, you do not have to think of possible failure during sexual intercourse. If you take a tablet of Brand Levitra, you can be sure that your erection will be strong till the end of sexual intercourse and will give pleasure to your sexual partner.
Duration of buy brand levitra online action is 6-8 hours. This time is sufficient for sexual intercourse.
Brand Levitra advantage comparing to other medications for treatment of erectile dysfunctions is fast pharmacological action. After a tablet of Brand Levitra a men erection starts appearing in 15 minutes. Brand Levitra action does not depend on fat food or alcohol.
In spite of the fact that pharmacological action of Brand Levitra is observed in 15 minutes, the main components of Brand Levitra do not affect the blood circulation in the organism, so do not cause pressure on the cardiovascular system. Thanks to it, senior age is not now contra-indication to Brand Levitra application.
Brand Levitra, comparing to other medications for treatment of erectile dysfunction is used by senior men because it is tolerated well and practically does not cause any side-effects.

Brand Levitra application: Brand Levitra can be used in treatment of erectile dysfunction, and for brightening of sex relations. Brand Levitra dosage is indicated basing on complex medical examination. Before use Brand Levitra a reason of erectile dysfunction is to be revealed. Then the doctor provides the recommendations to Brand Levitra application and indicates a dosage, after that the treatment can be started.
A recommended initial buy brand levitra dosage is 10mg a day (1 tablet of Brand Levitra is 10mg). One 10mg tablet of levitra brand is to be taken 15 minutes prior to sexual activity irrespective of food intake. If Brand Levitra 10mg dosage does not provide the required pharmacological effect, consult the doctor. Probably, Brand Levitra dose should be increased to 20mg a day.

Recommendations to Brand Levitra application: Using branded levitra you should follow all recommendations to application given by the doctor. Only considering all contra-indications, you can improve pharmacological effect of buy levitra branded and reduce side-effects risk.
o Contra-indications to buy branded levitra are: hypersensitivity to buy brand levitra us components, penis bending, and age under 18 year-old. In case of any conditions, Brand Levitra is forbidden.
o If you have a history of chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system, hepatic/renal insufficiency, glaucoma, dose should be reduced to minimum (5 mg a day).
o Brand Levitra tablet is taken once a day. Do not double dose, it may lead to overdose and adverse side-effects.

Brand Levitra side-effects: levitra branded is characterized by safe pharmacological effect and practically does not cause any side-effects. brand levitra side-effects are observed in overdose or misuse of the drug for treatment of erectile dysfunction.
The common side-effects of brand levitra us are giddiness, light perception, stuffiness in nose and drop of arterial pressure.
Brand Levitra side-effects typically pass quickly without harm for an organism.